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Pieter Henning has many years experience since 1989 in FRP/GRP factories as production and engineering manager (Sarplast FM line and Flowtite
Technology ), then Technology supply (VEM and Technobell).

Improve your output, lower your scrap, understand the technology.

If you are in the process of buying  GRP pipe manufacturing equipment you will need somebody to advise of the options, pitfalls and terms in the contracts.

Avoid disappointment.  Let me help you to:
Verify the manufacturers references.
Understand the contract and know what to ask for in order to receive what they promise without paying extra.
When they deliver, know what it is you get.
Explore your options. Do NOT be dazzled by the salesman.  Your interest is NOT their objective.

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Director: PH Henning

Petra Technical Services (Pty) Ltd is a general engineering company, also specialising in the following:

Petra HVLS 6.3m fans (High Volume Low Speed)
Move huge amounts of air with very little energy consumption.  A standard imported 6.0m diameter fan moves appr. 7000 Cubic meters per minute at 50 RPM, Our fans have a bigger angle, runs at 60 rpm and moves more than 12000 cubic meter per second using a 1,5kW motor. This will give air movement for an area of 600 square meter.  Our fans are designed for cooling cows. It is a little more noisy than other makes who's primary objective is to cool sports halls, running very silent and moving much less air
Ideal solution for:
 - Factories with large areas and many people,
 - Cow houses and dairies  (improve milk production if the cow is in a breeze
    with fresh air).
 - Sports halls, Churches and places with periodic high occupancy. For this we have a lesser blade angle and speed to run silent.
-  We also replace blade sets for existing fans. Imported  blades tend to break after a while.

Our fans are running since 2015.  We have satisfied farmers and can provide references on request.

Our Price:  R70000 - R75000 depending on what we offer or how many. Deliver, installation and electrical supply/control. are not included in this price.  We can offer all or any of this on request.

Below is a photo of Petra HVLS Fan.  Click it to see a large view.

Petra Wet Filters:
Where other filter solutions fail or block, we will design and supply a filter solution to your specific requirements:
 - Constant pressure loss over the filter.
 - Filters out particles from any size to as small as 0.5 microns
    at 85% efficiency depending on matter type by methods of:
     * Cyclone,  * Diffusion, * Impingement with special
        washable Stainless Steel filters.
 - Filters out volatiles (the water condenses most volatiles)
 - Can clean very hot air.
 - We design for any volume. 
 - Price is roughly 1/3 of of reverse pulse filter without considering the
   compressed air consumption of the reverse pulse filter.


Mechanical Ventilation:
We offer solutions and installations. Our main focus is non-standard special applications.

Streo shelves for box printing templates:
We designed and supplied a successful shelving solution for a box printing company in South Africa.
This solution hangs the templates neatly on shelves with curtain type slide rails that are compact and neat.  This solution can be adapted for any template type. 
The frames are stackable, easy to assemble and bundled for transport.
See images below.

Petra Flexible Bunds:
Chemical storage has many legal requirements.  In case of a spill, you must contain the full content of the leaking container + 10% in a bund.  Petra developed a bund system that is fork truck friendly, resistant to most chemicals and offers a silicon based liner for chemicals that cannot be contained for a lengthy period in the standard product.
Other uses:
Truck companion (Flexible bund to open under couplings when off-loading chemicals)
Mixing area (safe area for mixing chemicals)
Decanting (catch accidental spills during decanting)

General mechanical engineering:
We design and supply engineering solutions where off-the-shelf products cannot perform the task or are too expensive.
We do import replacements by engineering a similar or better solution with local content, warranty, service and back-up.  In most cases we design a better product.

Contact Petra Technical Services (Pty) Ltd at
021 854 3544 or
021 853 5359 during office hours or complete this form:  

Pieter Henning is the author and owner of    www.ShowYourPhotos.com (hobby)




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